Exploring how digital technology can be used to preserve, protect, and mobilize knowledge about Alberta's diverse heritage sites.

From tent rings and bison jumps to large scale industrial structures, Alberta's heritage resources reflect our collective histories. Wildfires, flooding, vandalism, and development continue to place Alberta's heritage at varying degrees of risk. Reality capture technologies like terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) and aerial photogrammetry can be used to digitally capture and preserve provincial heritage resources. This archive serves as a repository for these digital data sets so they will remain accessible to future generations. Scroll down or click on the button below to view interactive 3D models and other content! Be sure to visit the archive often, as more and more heritage sites are added.

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The Springbank Hill Wind-Pump

The Springbank Hill Wind-Pump

Upon European arrival to North America, windmill technology was quickly adapted to pump well water in order to allow for the settlement of the arid prairie environments. The use of wind-pump technology became a main feature of ranches and farms in the Wes…

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