Inglewood Bridge

The 9th Avenue SE Inglewood Bridge built in 1908-1909 served the City of Calgary for 110 years. The heritage value of this structure comes from its Parker Camelback design that was a popular style used throughout North America of which this bridge was representative of [1]. This design was also the most frequent used in Calgary from 1887 to 1912 with the MacDonald bridge (1911) crossing the Elbow, the Reconciliation (1910) crossing the Bow, the Hextall (1910) crossing the Bow, and the St. George’s Island (1908) bridges still serving as surviving representations of this era and design [1]. Due to reduced carrying capacity, a failure to meet modern design and engineering standards, and insufficient flood resiliency the Inglewood Bridge was scheduled to be removed in July 2019 and replaced with a more modern structure that could better serve the needs of the city [2]. As part of Calgary’s heritage in the city’s oldest neighborhood, this bridge was documented with terrestrial laser scanning before its removal.


Southwest Alberta

Field Documentation:

July 18, 2019

Field Documentation Type:

Terrestrial LiDAR



Historic Period:






Datum Type:

NAD 83

Threat Level