Kootenai Brown Poplar Grove Cabin Site

This site was rediscovered in 2016 by Edwin Knox, retired Waterton Lakes National Park Warden/Cultural Resource Management [1]. Initially, the search was for the location of John George “Kootenai” Brown’s cabin that now resides in the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village. Upon the rediscovery of this location and exploration of the area seven culturally modified trees (CMTs) were identified. The poplar trees contain carvings of dates and initials from 1882 to 1929. The increase in wildfires and that poplar trees are prone to rot [2] poses a risk to these 140 year old carvings. One tree has already fallen and it was imperative that these trees be digitally preserved for prosperity.


Southwest Alberta

Field Documentation:

May 27, 2022

Field Documentation Type:

Terrestrial LiDAR


Euro-Canadian, Metis

Historic Period:






Datum Type:

Threat Level