Okotoks Erratic “Big Rock”

The Okotoks Erratic, also known as ‘Big Rock’, was dropped by the southward-moving glacier around 10 000-12 000 years ago. The Okotoks Erratic is believed to have originated in Jasper National Park and now currently sits 7-8km West of the Town of Okotoks. The Rock is estimated to weigh 16500 tonnes and has dimensions of 41m by 18m by 9m [1]. The Okotoks Erratic is an important location for many of the First Nation groups in the area, but is often associated with the Blackfoot First Nations and a story of Napi, the supernatural trickster, explaining how the rock got to its current resting place and why the rock is split down the middle.


Southwest Alberta

Field Documentation:

October 16, 2016

Field Documentation Type:

Terrestrial LiDAR



Historic Period:






Datum Type:

NAD 83

Threat Level