The Hong Lee Laundry (Ogden Block)

Built in 1913, the Ogden Block has has been the home to many in its 110 year history. For the first few years of the buildings existence the Hong Lee Laundry operated out of the storefront while also serving as a boarding house for Chinese immigrants [5]. From around 1916-1918 the building may have been used by the Ogden Military Convalescent Hospital, housing injured and disabled veterans [6]. From 1922 until 2021 the building had switched owners over a dozen times, seeing use as a family home and as a rental property [5,6]. In 2021 the City of Calgary purchased the building, and although the Ogden Block has cultural and historical value, it does not meet the requirements to be a protected. As a consequence, it is set to be demolished to make way for the proposed Green Line Transit System [5,6].


Southwest Alberta

Field Documentation:

September 28, 2022

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Terrestrial LiDAR



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Threat Level